Poor Activity

Hello all.

I’ve just registered on this site and am really disappointed to see that there really isn’t much activity on here. The posts which I’ve read are great but they’re very old and that is so disappointing. i am passionate about manufacturing, I know many of us are. We are hearing so much about the need for the Manufacturing Industry to lift this country out of the hard times and it’s fair to say that we are one of very few indusrties which are showing positive signs. Let’s get this blog more active. To be quite frank the decline in manufacturing which has happened over the past 30 years is something I could never understand, because as a young engineer I could only see that it would have an unhappy ending and I was right. So let’s get some cross sector chat going on this blog and let’s see if we can all do our little bit to use the industry, that we have worked in all our life,  to make this country great again.

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