Increase factory output: Part 3 – targets, feedback, recognition and reward

In previous posts we’ve looked at the “technical” side of increasing output – the tools and techniques. Now let’s look at the “people” side of things – how to get more from employees.


Most of us want to know what’s expected of us, we like to have something to aim for and we like to feel we’re making progress towards a worthy goal.


Usually, it’s not difficult to provide all of those things in the workplace. But too many of us don’t. Here’s how:


  1. Agree on two or three important objectives that are relevant to the work team – probably based around quality, productivity and service.
  2. Find some simple ways to measure them.
  3. Agree on regular targets – monthly, weekly, per shift, per hour.
  4. Make sure they’re visible to everyone in the work area.
  5. Display actual performance regularly and visually (electronic display or hand-written whiteboard).
  6. Recognise good results immediately.
  7. Train, help and encourage the team to solve any performance problems.
  8. Find ways to recognise and reward those who contribute the most. Be creative!
  9. Actively manage the performance of those who don’t contribute.
  10. Lock in the improvements
  11. Celebrate success
  12. Keep at it!

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